US Marijuana Analysis

Publication, 2020

The Overview of US Marijuana stemmed from uncovering the “hidden world” behind popular industries and products. My direction focused specifically on cannabis, and more specifically, the legality of it in the United States.

The book conveys an overwhelming bureaucratic voice that religiously remains objective, while brash and pointed messages are overlaid in orange: producing a muddy experience representative of the legislation itself. The materiality is cheap, enabling mass production.

Focusing primarily on typography and minimal secondary elements, the key for this ‘See you again’ fan-made kinetic type video was to add subtle details and emphasize fluid motion. This was an exercise to work the After Effects muscles and get comfortable with motion again.


Motion, 2020

Antifilm is a (speculative) contemporary film festival hosted entirely on the internet. More on this soon.

Do I sound gay?

Motion, 2020

As a gay man, I am hyper-aware of the way that society views sexuality and identity (at least how it pertains to me). So, when I was asked to choose a topic of my choice for a two minute explainer video, the decision was obvious.

From writing a script, to recording the voice over, mixing tracks, and eventually animating the piece, this project was entirely self-authored (besides the soundtrack). Although difficult, this piece prompted me to look inward at my own biases and taught me so, so much.

The Condon Committee was the informal name of the group funded by the United States Air Force from 1966 to 1968 at the University of Colorado to study unidentified flying objects under the direction of physicist Edward Condon. The result of its work, known as the Condon Report, appeared in 1968.

This 450-page book uses the Condon Report as content in an exercise of layout, typography, pacing, and craft. More images coming soon. Until then, you can view some pictures of the book here.

Fake News Generator

Installation, 2019

The Fake News Generator, inspired by OpenAI’s controversial language algorithm, prompts a person to choose between a short series of conditionals in order to produce a custom headline that they can “post” to the the wall. The article headline even comes along with a randomly generated source such as the New York Times, or Buzzfeed: adding just an additional touch of legitimacy to a completely illegitimate statement.

The results are often completely incomprehensible but on occasion make enough sense that they could be perceived to be true. In one iteration, participants were asked to identify which articles were real and which were fake.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Identity, 2019

Neighbor to Neighbor is a community outreach program with a mission to lower the number of property tax foreclosures in the city of Detroit through neighborhood-led workshops and outreach.

Over 15 weeks, myself and 7 other hand-selected members of the Sponsored Project conducted extensive research and ethnography to design a complete branding system for Neighbor to Neighbor, a comprehensive property tax exemption (PTE) application kit, and a redesigned version of the city of Detroit’s PTE application form.

Thank You, Steve

Motion, 2018

Thank You, Steve is a 90-second motion piece honoring the Apple CEO and founder’s life and legacy in a speech by former-Chief Design Officer Jony Ive. Using recognizable Apple design vernacular and honoring Apple’s intense design language was key to making this piece effective.