Life Remodeled

In collaboration with Yasmin Ali, Will Callis, and Erica Heathcote

Located in the historic Dexter-Linwood neighborhood of Detroit, non-profit Life Remodeled offers a range of tools and services to residents in Detroit through opportunity hubs, workforce development, after-school programs, and six day projects. Based on the strength and resilience of an individual, our dynamic identity for Life Remodeled utilizes a powerful signifier denoting a home, a community, and upward movement.

Radical hope, sustainable change.

It was essential to develop a robust and flexible language system before jumping into visuals. We felt that the essence statement “radical hope, sustainable change” captured the core of Life Remodeled’s principles: that with considerate and scalable resources, sustainability was an integral part of community support.

After establishing a robust language system, we built a series of shapes and icons inspired directly by the century-old Durfee Innovation Society, LR’s home base and flagship opportunity hub. The iconic arched windows and slanted roofs felt like a perfect representation of the neighborhood’s resilience and resourcefulness.

The Life Remodeled project was an intensive, semi-remote 15-week sprint done by our team of four with intensive research that informed our initial sketches to our final decisions. To see the process of this project from beginning to end, view the case study.

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