Neighbor to Neighbor

Identity, 2019

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Neighbor to Neighbor is a community outreach program with a mission to lower the number of property tax foreclosures in the city of Detroit through neighborhood-led workshops and outreach.

Over 15 weeks, myself and 7 other hand-selected members of the Sponsored Project conducted extensive research and ethnography to design a complete branding system for Neighbor to Neighbor, a comprehensive property tax exemption (PTE) application kit, and a redesigned version of the city of Detroit’s PTE application form.

We made sure that the mark was variable and fluid to fit a variety of different applications. It was important that Neighbor to Neighbor could be easily identified up close and far away for security and safety.

Most importantly, QLCF asked us to create a comprehensive and accessible PTE kit that would empower residents to complete their application from their home, reducing the amount of travel and time required. The kit included a folder to store necessary documents in, a pre-paid envelope to return the application in, a magnet and information card with additional resources, and a pen and whiteout pen.